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Free Willy - Say No to Captivity

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Let’s go straight to the point At present, it is estimated that there are over 40 orcas in captivity, taken from their natural habitat, and slowly but surely dying, only for the sake of… making you have a good day with your family or friends. Does that disturb you? Good, that’s the plan.

It is essential to put to work & take actions to protect these highly intelligent animals. Awareness is one of them and this new limited edition Tee by Carte Postale is our very small contribution to help stop this CRUELTY THAT EVERYONE OF US IS ENDORSING WHENEVER WE BUY A TICKET to Marine parks.

So ask what is more important to you ? A fun family day at SeaWorld in San Diego, Marineland in Antibes, South of France, or in Kamogawa,Japan ?or saving one of the most amazing creatures that badly need our help to get back to the Big Blue where they belong and live happily ever after, just as it was always meant to be according to Mother Nature..  



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