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Collectible Stickers

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Some of the coolest characters from the CP limited edition collection are now available in STICKERS, or what we like to call "S"TEE"KERS. One set consists of 5 resistants matt stickers (approx. size 9cm x 9 cm depending on the design). Currently, Set A and Set B are available but more sets will be added very soon so make sure you grab those collectible stickers and maybe, like us, stick them all over your computer, suitcase. .


Set A ( x 5 stickers) - Characters from your favourite t-shirts "Let It Out", " See-Hear-Speak Evil". "InkOverdose", "The Hunter". "Re-draw Africa" -

Set B ( x 5 stickers) - Characters from your favourite t-shirts "Mummy's Dummy", " Let Me Go". "Monster Ink", "Anger Management". "Bull?Dog?" -

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